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Subway Surfers
Overcoming obstacles and traps in a quite street in the game with the 3D visual quality will try to continue on your way. Subway you, our players who will participate in a pleasant adventure with progressively challenging streets of Surfers need to collect gold and will be able to complete your tasks in part by collecting letters.

Subway Surfers we came across our first smart device and we have had pleasant moments in a game which has beautiful visual effect. Our beloved character on your computer so you can log in to the game that can be played on your computer with 3D Unity Web Player software must be installed on the case. We wish success to our arms as a game player.
How to Play?
Pretty fun game that can be spent carefully overcome obstacles and traps on the road by providing control of our character runners will try to collect points. Subway Surfers is trying to complete the task overcoming various challenges escape.

A carefully to ensure the control of our character using the arrow keys to control the flow of our character and will try to complete the journey of overcoming obstacles and difficulties. On your computer so you can access our 3D game 3D Unity Web Player software must be installed on your computer in the state. Handle with care as the game our players to play good games we publish on our site the game we choose.
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