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Fire and Water
Two brothers never indistinguishable from each other, Fire and Water. Although they have different structures have always managed to be connected to each other and have been support in difficult times. Now if they live in a magical world of adventure awaits them. In fact, going back a little history, with the decision to live away from everyone lent, they learned that an evil sorcerer begins to damage to the villages around them.

In this case acted to eliminate the magician and magician's face caught in the trap prepared for a certain period of time they have had as his prisoner.

Despite achieving Then, using the power they have to escape from the trap which was established by the sorcerer, magician will see that they give a lot of damage to the captivity of the environment. Bad reputation spread around the Witch Fire and Water are busy looking for help in this situation. Villagers fear they may try to convince the magician and also will assist them, the villagers are very fearful because of persecution by the magician.

Next they do not want to leave the Witch and Watergirl Fireboy Fire Man and have not yet reached that realize they are included on a great adventure Water Girl. Remove the two brothers who were determined to catch the magician, but in the way they were able to send him a full catch them in a different sly magician performing magic world that is prepared in advance. In the new world they must reach out through the tough spots. But it seems quite difficult to achieve this. But every time they perform will continue here in solidarity between them.

If you want in the game with your friend may be involved in this challenging adventure, you can check the two heroes on your own if you wish. Did not pass the fire water pond, let's say not passed from the fire pond water. Some ponds do not exceed two of these points also because they are full of poisons. That's why you need to go jumping over the pond. Fire and Water will take you to a world of incredible adventures.

You must move very quickly and carefully checking them. You are given by way pretty much due to different adventure game rating and thus the opportunity to see yourself in a different world and is well known to you. In particular, parts of which are different from each other and can play completely independently again for 2 people or alone adventure awaits you can say.
How to Play?
Fire and Water characters in the game can be controlled quite easily. But the road to progress so you must have the practical and quick thinking, quite correctly identify them, where you need to steer.

Fire Man is in control of the game in key aspects, W to control the water girl, A, S, D keys you can use. Our benefits have always stated that they need each other to forwarding them. Because the fire through the doors açabilirk some point, in some points may allow them to keep moving through the water.

Therefore you need to check them both very carefully. By different keyboard keys to check you have the opportunity to play the game because it is possible for two people. Play the game is loaded, you will switch to the partition selection window again and then click Play. You can begin your adventure after performing the chapter selection process.
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