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Farm Expert 2018
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Farm Expert 2018 Farm Expert 2018 is a fun simulation game where you will be a farmer. If you like playing simulation games on mobile platforms, you will like the Farm Expert 2018 Mobile game. You will use different vehicles which are entertaining from each other and you will not realize how fast the time will pass. Your goal is to complete the missions given to you and thus create a decent farm and be useful for the mankind. The controls are quite simple and these may vary depending on the vehicle you are using. However, you usually control the direction from the left side of the screen and acceleration from the right side.   There are more than 20 vehicles that you can use on your farm. Of course, you do not only carry out farm tasks in the game and you also raise animals and sell them which are other aspects of the farms. So, Farm Expert 2018 Mobile offers you many opportunities in this field. I believe that you will really like this game which offers 50 hours of play my friends, download it with the cheat mod and try it!