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Brick Breaker
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Brick Breaker Brick Breaker is a skill game where you will complete stages by breaking bricks. You need to compete against the artificial intelligence in the lab in this game. There are dozens of stages in the game and your goal is same on each stage: breaking all of the bricks on the screen. You will be given a ball to do so and you control a moving platform in order to hit the bricks with the ball. You will catch the ball coming to you by moving left and right and then you send it back to the bricks by letting it jump over the platform.   Missing the incoming ball will lead you to lose the game. There are power ups falling from the sky while you are trying to break the bricks. You need to catch these power ups with your platform. For instance, one of the power ups you will catch will extend the length of the platform for a short time and this makes it easier for you to win. If you are looking for a fun skill game, you need to download Brick Breaker Lab now!