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Subway Surfers Bathroom
# We have recognized in the device with the Android and iOS operating system has helped us to have a good time at Subway Surfers us fun escape game. We all know that dirty in the charming friendliness of our adventures in and for him to clean his Subway Surfers Doing a game that we can help in this regard we must bathroom taking her bath.

Using the bathroom individually to ensure a clean our character and be able to have fun with it. Girls and Boys in the style of our players can play a game we are in front of you. You can help our charming character who tries to take a bath in the game using your mouse.
How to Play?
Our first player to make it to the bathroom with Subway Surfers our character who introduces us to help him and be able to have fun with it. Our character that you could have fun when you join the game to meet directly with you and will wait for it to clear. To play a few games to be able to use some of the material, and you can begin taking bath.

Subway Surfers talented character that is constantly being rushed to the adventure of adventure during Bathrooms Have you doing in the bathroom to use your mouse to have a beautiful view and be able to provide his return to the old look.
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